Wednesday, October 26, 2011

about me

hello my name is One Herliawan
.... if you spell my name sound funny but that's is my real name
i was born in a little town in Indonesia
I'm just an ordinary people like music, movie and smoke
in this blog is my live story about learn make money online
started from 2004 that was first time i have own internet connection
and start learn about how make money online
in first moon i spend lot of real money to pay my internet connection, electricity bill and much time.... till 7 moon and what i get???
$47 ... yeah that is my first online money i get :WTF

after that my wive was so upset and ask me to stop my activity
and i get real Job till 2008
in aught 2008 i open my own internet cafe ... and come back to old business ... searching money online ... more than 8 moon i try... try and try...
and what i get ... not more than $680. that make me so frustrated
can u imagine for 8 moon 12 hour/day i only get $ 680

on one day in August 2011 my friend ask me to join his site .... make money online again ... I feel pessimist will fail again or wasting my time
My friend says "please believe me, you just give me 2 hours / day and you'll see the results ..." and i started again ... in first day September i got $23, and in first day on October i got 68$ and still going up... 2 hours/day that was not wearying.

and you will see how i got on first next moon if that below $68 I'm quit this job . wkwkwkwkwkwk
but if i got more than $68 why you not join me :D

today is Nov 26 2011 11.04 pm
total i got $78 from 7 site that i follow
more than what i get last month but that was embarrassing
... my target is more than $100 on December or i quit :lol